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Orange sunflower


The painted paper collage illustrations for You are were so fun to create, I'm sure your family would enjoy the process, too!  I hope you have fun, and I'd love to see your finished pieces!

Click the button below to email me a picture of your finished art!


Paper - at least 2 pieces

Paint (I like to use quick drying paint sticks or watercolors!)

Brushes & water (watercolors only!)


Glue (bottled or stick)

Optional supplies:

Plastic bag (for storing tiny pieces)

A reference image


Use one, or many, sheets of paper and have fun painting different colors!  I like to use a different sheet of paper for each of the colors I would need.

Add texture by painting different lines, shapes, or with different types of brush strokes!

Let dry.  While you are waiting, look to find some reference images.

Once your paper is dry, draw the shape you want to cut out on the color you need. 

For this sunflower, I drew many different V shapes for the petals on orange, a circle on the brown, and a long skinny rectangle and two teardrop shapes on green for the stem and leaves.

Once all your shapes are drawn, cut them out!  If they are small, make sure to keep them in a plastic bag or out of the way. They are very easy to lose!

After cutting everything out, place it on a separate sheet of paper the way you want it to look.  Now, working backwards, glue down each piece using bottled glue, or for littles, I prefer a glue stick.

Let dry.

That's it!  You should have a beautiful piece of collage art!

Not ready to be done?

Use the rest of your painted paper to create some more collage art!  Glue down to your original paper or get a new piece and start fresh.

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