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Never lose your sense of wander.

Boredom doesn't always have to be bad.

When a bored young girl persuades her sleepy grandpa to take a journey with her, they embark on an imaginative adventure. Together, they wander around the world visiting each of the seven continents, right from the living room couch!

Because sometimes, boredom is the birthplace of creativity.

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Creative World Geography

This was such a sweet story about a grandfather and granddaughter using their imaginations to travel around the world. I really liked how the story encourages children to use their imaginations; while also providing excellent illustrations to help them remember the continents shapes and a little something about each one. I home school and this book is a great addition to help us study elementary geography.


Great for all ages!

I bought this book to share with my third grade students who are learning about the continents. My 2 year old asked me to read it to him and instantly fell in love with the story and illustrations. You know it's good when they ask to hear it a second time. I immediately had to order another copy for at home. I really enjoyed it as an adult too.

Kayla B

Adventure Awaits!

A fun and imaginative story! Buckle your seat belts for an exciting trip around the world! This book is sure to be your child's new favorite! Best of all, it is just educational enough to make the perfect addition to any classroom or library! Did I mention the phenomenal illustrations?! 


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